I offer a range of services related to images, from photographs and illustrations to maps and drawings.

Available Services:

  • researching and locating historic images for use in a variety of projects, from books and brochures to family albums and websites.
  • scanning items such as documents, photographs, and maps, at high or low resolution for use in print and on the web.
  • creating exhibits of images, documents, and artifacts for view internally or by the public.
  • designing power point presentations, online exhibits, slideshows and other methods for presenting your history to a broad range of audiences.
  • custom designing a range of products that are visually dazzling and intriguing, from flyers and postcards to rack cards and book covers.
  • identifying items from a collection that can be digitized for broader, modern uses. Cassette tapes, films, and other forms of media can be transferred to digital format.

For more information or to set up a phone or in-person consultation, please contact me: